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LTH02 - Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) will answer some of the most common issues about the LTH02 Thermal Camera.

Is there a reset button on the device?

There is no physical reset button on the device, but the device does have a reset function which you can access through the settings.

Can I remove the battery?


The battery cannot be removed.

Does the software support multiple handheld devices?


It does not support multiple handheld devices.

How many faces can the device capture at one time?

The device can capture one face at a time.

What type of microSD brands does the device support?

As long as the microSD card is SDHC compliant, it can support any brand.

Why do I need to warm up the device for 20-30 minutes before use?

You must warm up the device for at least 20-30 minutes before use so it can render accurate readings.

What is the charging time?

The device can be fully-charged in one hour.

How long can I use the device after charging?

A full charge can give you an 8-hour of continuous operation.

What is the detection distance of the device?

The device can detect an accurate temperature of a person from a distance of 1 meter to 1.5 meters.

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