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E892AB, E892DD, Halo Series, H10 - 4K Ultra HD Smart Deterrence IP Camera: Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide more information about the E982DD IP Smart Dome Camera Series.

Does the Camera detect People and Vehicles?


The camera can detect People and Vehicles using Lorex Smart Motion Detection Plus technology.

Can the camera detect Peoples's Faces?


When enabled, the camera can detect People's Faces.

Can the camera detect People, Faces, and Vehicles all at the same time?


The camera is equipped with Smart Motion Detection Plus. Face Detection and Person & Vehicle detection cannot be enabled at the same time. The installation requirements are also different for each of the Smart Detection features and so it is best to determine which Smart Detection feature you would like your camera optimized for prior to installation.

Does the camera provide Color Night Vision? If so at what distance can I see at night?


The camera is equipped with Color Night Vision (CNV) technology. The camera has a night vision range of 150ft (45m) (with ambient lighting) available,

What recorder is this camera compatible with?

The camera is compatible with N842 and N862 series recorders in order for Active Deterrence, Smart Motion Detection Plus, Face Detection, Safeguard and Active view to be fully functional.

Can you record to a microSD card on the camera?


The camera is not equipped with a microSD card, so you cannot keep a recording on the camera. All recordings are kept on the recorder.

What is the power requirement?

The camera requires requires 9.5 watts to operate.

What is the maximum frames per second (FPS) this camera can capture video at?

The camera can capture 4K at 15fps; and 2K, 1080p, and 720p at 30fps.

Is the camera available in black color?


The camera only comes in white color.

Are there special instructions for setting up Face Detection and Person and Vehicle Detection?

Optimizing Person and Vehicle Detection Accuracy

  • Angle the camera so that objects of interest appear in the bottom ⅔ of the camera image.
  • Choose a location where objects of interest will be no further than 50ft (~15m) from the camera.
  • Angle the camera between 30~60° down from the level position.
  • Install the camera between 8-16ft (2.5-5m) off of the ground.
  • Accuracy of person and vehicle detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object’s distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection.

Optimizing Face Detection Accuracy

  • The camera should be installed about 10 feet above the ground so as to ensure that the full proportion of the face is detected on the screen.
  • Angle the camera approximately 15° down from the level position.
  • To distinguish facial features the distance from the camera to the face should be approximately 15 feet.

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