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DVR / NVR - How to Playback Recorded Videos on Your Computer

You can download recorded videos from your DVR or NVR to a USB flash drive and play them back on your computer. Depending on the file format of your video, you need the Lorex Player or the VLC Media Player.

Part 1 - Download Video

Here is how to playback a video on your computer.

Step 1. Format your USB flash drive on your recorder.

TIP: See this guide on how to format your USB flash drive on your recorder.

Step 2. Download recorded video from the DVR or NVR to your formatted USB flash drive.

Step 3. Next, choose a file format for your video:

  • .dav
  • .avi
  • .mp4
  • .asf

IMPORTANT: If you choose .dav, you will have to download the Lorex Player. If you choose .avi, .mp4, .asf, you will have to download the VLC Media Player.

Step 4. Play video on your computer using Lorex Player or VLC Media Player.

Part 2 - Download Player

Again, the type of video file you choose when downloading the video will dictate the player to use when watching the video.

If you have a .dav file, please download the Lorex Player. Otherwise, please download the VLC Media Player for other types of video files (e.g., .avi, .mp4, and .asf).

Lorex Player

Please down the Lorex Player below:

VLC Media Player for Mac and PC

Please download the official VLC Media Player here:

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