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LNZ81P25, PTZ Series, P25 - 4K IP Wired Camera with 25x Zoom and IK10 Vandal-Proof Rating: Lorex Cloud App

The following article provides instructions on how to control your your Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera from the Lorex Cloud app.

Control the movement of your PTZ camera and access preset controls from the app (PTZ cameras required).

Access PTZ Controls

To access PTZ controls:

  1. In live view, double-tap the PTZ camera display to open the channel in full screen.

Using PTZ Controls

(IMG 26)

  1. Pan/Tilt/Zoom: From the live view display, swipe in the direction that you want the camera to move in. Pinch to zoom in/out.
  2. Zoom: Tap to show zoom controls.
  3. Iris: Tap to show iris controls.
  4. Go to preset: Tap to access preset controls. Use the sliders to select the preset number, then tap the check mark to go to the preset.

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