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N910 Series - 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP 16 Camera Capable NVR: Connecting Audio

The following article provides instructions for connecting audio devices and enabling audio recording on your NVR.

Make sure that you must first have a self-powered microphone or an audio camera with an RCA-type audio connection to use this port.

  • To utilize the listen-in feature, your camera must have a built-in speaker.
  • To utilize the two-way talk feature, your camera must have a built-in speaker and microphone.

Important: Use of an external microphone allows you to record audio on one channel on the system as long as the connected camera has a built-in speaker.

The first RCA-type connector on the back panel is the AUDIO OUT port, which can be used to connect a self-powered speaker that will play audio from the system (requires audio-capable camera or self-power microphone).

Connect Audio

Enable Audio Recording

Caution: Audio recording and/ or use of listen-in audio without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Corporation assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.

To enable audio recording:

  1. From the Live View display, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.
  2. Click Devices, then Record Settings. Click the Record Settings tab from the side panel.


  1. Select the channel where the audio camera is connected.
  2. Select the type of recording to enable audio for. If you wish to record audio at all times, ensure you configure both Continuous and Motion recording.
  3. Click on More to configure the following:
  • Audio: Check box to enable/disable.
  • Compression: Select an audio codec (G711A recommended).
  • Sampling Frequency: Select an audio sampling rate (8K recommended).
  • Click OK to save.
  1. Click Apply to save all changes.

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