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4K Dual-Lens Security Camera: Minimizing Misalignment

The following article offers guidance on aligning your camera's dual-lens images and improving the wide-angle perspective, while addressing contributing factors such as the Stitching Technology and the camera's placement and positioning.

Note: As a result of the camera's Stitching Technology, a subtle distortion may be present at the center line of the image.

How to align the dual-lens image

In order for your camera to achieve the wide 180° field-of-view (FoV), the two connected views are stitched together using image Stitching Technology. This may result in a slight misalignment of the image.

Be sure to follow these mounting instructions to ensure a clear panoramic overview of your property:

  • Location: Place your camera in a wide, open space, and avoid placing it near any obstructions.
  • Height: Install your camera at a height of 10 feet (3 meters) above the ground.
  • Angle: Angle your camera to face outwards between 15-30°.
  • Distance: Position your camera 22-65 feet (7-20 meters) within points of interest.

To adjust the right image's vertical alignment in the Lorex app:

  1. Tap above your camera's thumbnail.
  2. Tap Splice Distance Setting.
  3. Adjust the splice distance number for the right image to improve its alignment with the left image.

  • To shift the right image upwards: Increase the splice distance number
  • To shift the right image downwards: Decrease the splice distance number

  1. Tap Save.

Review your camera's Liveview while making adjustments, as it might require a few attempts to determine the correct splice distance number for aligning the dual-lens image.

How to improve the wide-angle perspective

The curvature effect in your camera's image may vary in specific scenarios. To minimize this effect, follow the recommended camera placement guidelines.

Given the wide 180° field-of-view (FoV) of your camera, it is recommended to install it in a wide, open space. Avoid installing your camera in areas with shallow depth or in close proximity to obstructions like roofing structures or soffits.

Your camera should be positioned to face outward at an angle between 15-30° from the level position, avoiding installation at angles exceeding 30°.

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