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AJLZ Series - Junction Box for PTZ Cameras: Frequently Asked Questions

This article answers frequently asked questions about your AJLZ junction box for PTZ cameras.


What tools do I need to install my junction box?

To install your junction box, you will only need a drill, however to customize your junction box with accessories you will need a Phillips head screwdriver.

How do I fit my camera's cable through the front of my junction box?

  1. Remove the silicon plug, and open it at the slit.
  2. Place the plug around your camera's cable and insert the cable through the large hole in the front of the junction box.
  3. Reinstall the silicon plug in the front of the box and push it into place.

Opening the plug

Where can I install the junction box?

The outdoor junction box can be installed at any location that can support 3× total weight of the outdoor junction box and the attached camera. However the following criteria are recommended for best performance:

Location Selection:

  • Install the camera at a height that provides a broad and unobstructed view of the area you want to monitor. For most PTZ cameras, a height between 8 to 15 feet is ideal.
  • Ensure the location and angle allows the camera to cover all necessary areas without any blind spots.
  • Choose a location that is accessible for maintenance and adjustments but secure enough to prevent tampering.
  • Ensure proximity to a power source if the camera is not PoE.

Mounting Surface:

  • Determine whether the camera will be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Junction boxes are available for both types of mounts.
  • Ensure the mounting surface is sturdy and capable of supporting the weight of the camera and junction box. Concrete, brick, or solid wood are ideal.

Other recommendations:

  • Place the camera close to your Wi-Fi router as possible.
  • Reduce the number of obstructive materials between the camera and the router or access point.

What are the benefits of the junction box?

The outdoor junction box adds protection, and aids in wire organization for your device.

How much weight can the junction box hold?

The outdoor junction box can carry up to 17.64 lb / 8.0 kg, which includes the weight of any of the compatible devices.

How do I install my junction box?

Please refer to the Installation Guide for your junction box.

How do I organize the cables inside the junction box?

The included cable ties are for cable organization inside of the junction box. Manually coil your cables until the junction box outputs the desired cable length, and then use the cable ties to keep the coil together.


What is a junction box

A junction box attatches to a device and secures its cables in a contained space. It allows for improved safety, organization, and look for a device and it's cables. This PTZ camera junction box allows you to keep your PTZ camera's cables, and applicable added accessories safe and secure from weather and tampering.

How many cables can exit or enter my junction box?

Up to 5 cables can enter or exit the junction box and plu in externally. Up to 3 cables can be weatherproofed with a cable gland.

What are the dimensions of the outdoor junction box?

The dimensions of the outdoor junction box are (W × D × H) 11.70 × 9.76 × 5.15” / 297.2 × 248.0 × 130.7 mm.

Junction Box Dimensions

Which cameras are compatible with this product?

Please see the Compatibility Chart to find compatible cameras.

What is the size of the included Allen key?

The included Allen key is 5 mm.

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