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AJLZ Series - Junction Box for PTZ Cameras: Installation Guide

This article gives installation instructions for your AJLZ junction box for PTZ cameras.

What's Included:

  • Junction Box
  • 5 mm Allen Key
  • Silicone Plug
  • Machine Screws (8×)
  • Washers (16×)
  • Expansion Bolts (4×)
  • Cable Glands (3×)
  • Cable Ties (5×)


Warning: Install in an area that can support 3× total weight of the camera and junction box.

  1. Use the Allen key to loosen the screws and open the junction box.

Loosening screws

  1. Remove the screws with the Allen key to detach the back bracket.

Detatching the bracket

  1. Optional Customization: Install a converter, air circuit breaker, standard socket, surge protectors, and a power adapter.

Customizing parts

Note: The products mentioned and shown above are not included.

  1. Optional Customization: Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove any unused trays inside the junction box.

Removing irrelevant trays

  1. Drill holes in the wall and install the back bracket with expansion bolts.

Installing the back bracket

  1. Lower the junction box onto the back bracket.

attaching the junction box

  1. Tighten the screws using the Allen key.

Tightening screws

  1. Remove the silicone plug and open it along the slit.

Opening the plug

  1. Insert the cable into the plug and reinstall the plug into the junction box.

Installing the plug and cable

  1. Use the appropriate screws and washers to attach the PTZ camera to the front of the junction box.

IUnstalling the PTZ Camera

  1. Weatherproof the Wiring: Connect the necessary cables, pass them and the camera cables through the bottom holes, and secure them with cable glands.

Connecting the cable glands

  1. Close the junction box and tighten all four screws.

Securing the junction box

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