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Port Forwarding: Port 80 blocked by ISP

Port 80 is the default HTTP port on most DVR / NVR models. If you lose network connection to your DVR / NVR system because your Internet service provider (ISP) blocked port 80, you will need to open port 80 or change the HTTP port.

To resolve a blocked port issue:

  1. Contact your ISP to see if they will open the port.
  2. If your ISP cannot open port 80, change the HTTP port on your DVR / NVR system from 80 to a different port. Refer to your user manual for model specific instructions on how to change your default port settings. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

IMPORTANT: If you are port forwarding and you change your HTTP port from 80, you will need to alter the Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) or external IP address link you connect with when using a web browser. For example, if your DDNS was and you changed your port to 8080, your new DDNS would be

Set up port forwarding.

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