LNC Cameras / L-View Client Software: Resetting the passwords

A password reset can be performed for the L-View Client software or LNC Series cameras.

LIMITATION: Technical support does not have access to passwords for software.

To reset the password for the L-View Client software:

  1. Uninstall the L-View Client software from your PC or Mac.
  2. Download and reinstall the L-View Client software. Click here for for more information on locating software downloads.

To reset the LNC camera password, restore the camera to default settings.

IMPORTANT: Restoring default settings will erase any configurations or WiFi network connection on the camera.

To reset the password on the LNC camera:

  1. With the camera on, hold the reset button on the camera for at least 10 seconds using a pin or small object.

    TIP: Location of the reset button can vary depending on the camera model. Refer to your user manual for the location of the reset button. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

  2. Once the camera is restored to default settings, launch the L-View Client software on your PC or Mac.

  3. If prompted, install firmware updates. The camera will restart.

    REMINDER: If you are not prompted to install firmware updates, manually update firmware using the L-View Client software.

  4. Once the camera restarts, connect the camera to WiFi using your computer. Click here for instructions on connecting the camera to WiFi using a PC or Mac.

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