Wireless Home Monitor: Camera night vision not working

If the Wireless Home Monitor night vision is not working properly, it may be due to the level of lighting in the environment where the camera is installed or the amount of power the camera is receiving.

To troubleshoot night vision not functioning:

  • Check the lighting of the environment where the camera is installed. If there is too much ambient light in the area the night vision may not engage.
  • If a halo effect is being displayed on your monitor, the camera may be pointed at a reflective surface, preventing night vision from activating. Adjust the camera to point away from reflective surfaces.
  • Cover the lens of the camera and listen for an audible click, or watch for the red infrared (IR) LEDs on the front of the camera to turn on.
    • If the lights turn on, move the camera, or turn it slightly, as there may be light shining in the camera lens.
    • If the lights do not turn on, the camera may not be receiving enough power to turn on the IR lights. Connect the camera to a different power adapter or different power outlet.
  • Pair the camera with the monitor again. Pairing the camera again may resolve the night vision issue by creating a stronger connection between the monitor and the camera.
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