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Wireless Security Cameras: Camera not turning on

Wireless cameras do not have an internal battery and must be plugged in with a power adapter (included) to function. If your wireless camera is not turning on, it may be related to an issue with your power adapter, power outlet, or an issue pairing your camera with the monitor.

To check if the wireless camera is receiving power:

  1. Ensure that the camera is plugged into a functional power outlet using the power adapter provided with the camera.

    Wireless camera power monitor

  2. To ensure that a functional power outlet is being used, plug in another electronic device into the power outlet.

  3. Try a different power adapter from a known working wireless camera to ensure the power adapter is functioning.

  4. Cover the lens of the camera and listen for an audible click, or watch for the red infrared (IR) LEDs on the front of the camera to turn on. If there is an audible click and the LEDs are functioning, this indicates that the camera is receiving enough power to enter Night Vision mode, and power is not the cause of the issue.

If the wireless camera is receiving adequate power and your camera will not turn on, it may be related to a pairing issue with the camera. Click here for more information on pairing the camera with the monitor.

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