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Wireless Home Monitor: Displaying blurred image

If a camera is displaying a blurry image, perform the following troubleshooting steps on the affected camera.

To troubleshoot cameras with blurred image:

  • Check if the camera lens is dirty or has dust, spider webs, etc. building up on it. Clean the lens with a soft clean dry cloth.

    CAUTION: Do not use harsh cleaners or aerosols to clean the camera lens.

  • Check the power adapter of the camera. Ensure the power adapter is connected to a functional power outlet. Surge protectors can become overtaxed and provide insufficient power.

  • Ensure that the power adapter and the camera are firmly connected.

  • Ensure that the correct power adapter is used with the camera.

  • Test the camera with a functional power adapter from another camera, to confirm that the power source is not the issue.

If the image is still unclear, restore the monitor to default settings.

To restore your monitor to default settings:

CAUTION: Restoring to default settings will erase any setting input on the monitor. Your monitor will need to be reconfigured.

  1. On the monitor tap the Menu icon (Menu button).
  2. Use the joystick to select Settings > Default Settings.
  3. Select Yes.

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