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Accounts: Allowing multiple user access to FLIR FX camera

Multiple accounts can be configured to access a FLIR Cloud enabled FLIR FX camera. There is a limit of three concurrent FLIR Cloud connections. You can create an Owner account and use it to set up multiple Guest accounts.

Owner account:

  • This is the default account created upon first setup of a FLIR FX camera.
  • This is the only account that can provide permissions and access for guest account(s).
  • Click here for more information on owner accounts.

Guest accounts:

  • These can be added by the owner account after initial camera setup.
  • With owner account permission, guest accounts can access FLIR Cloud enabled cameras that are already registered to an owner account.
  • Users with guest accounts will have access to the camera live view and intercom features.
  • Click here for more information on guest accounts.

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