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Accounts: Adding / removing FLIR FX camera access

When you initially set up your FLIR FX camera using the FLIR FX app, you create an owner account that allows you to create and manage additional guest accounts. This can be done using the FLIR FX app and can give guests access to Live View and Intercom features.

To add guest access:

  1. Have the guest user install the FLIR FX app on their smartphone or tablet.

  2. Have the guest user tap Create Account and sign up.

  3. Provide the guest user with the camera ID (printed below the QR code on the camera) and camera password previously set by the owner account.

    TIP: Click here for steps on how to retrieve a forgotten camera password.

After you have provided access to a camera, removing guest access will stop the guest account from having access to your FLIR FX camera.

To remove guest access:

  • Change the camera password to prevent guest accounts from accessing the camera.
  • Click here for help changing the camera password.

IMPORTANT: Guest access will be removed for the specified camera only. To secure your system, change the password on all cameras you have provided guest access to. If you provide the guest account holder with the new camera password they will be able to regain access to the camera.

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