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L-View Client Software: Navigating the software on Mac

When viewing or configuring the LNC Series camera on a Mac, the L-View Client software is used to view playback and configure camera settings. Click here for more information on locating software downloads.

L-View Client software Navigation:

L-View software on a Mac

  1. Window Controls: Allows for closing, minimizing, and maximizing the L-View Client software.

  2. Camera List: Displays a list of all saved cameras. Available cameras will be displayed in blue. Unavailable cameras will be displayed in red. Click here for information on how to connect cameras.

    REMINDER: If cameras are displayed in red, check the network connection.

  3. Auto Search List: Shows all the cameras available on the Local Area Network (LAN).

  • To view a camera, double-click on the camera or click and drag the camera to the Display Area.
  • To save the camera, click and drag the camera to the Camera List.
  • To change camera settings in a web browser, right-click the camera and click Web configure.
  1. Playback icon (Playback Button): Opens playback mode.
  2. All Camera Action (All Camera Button): Performs an action on all the cameras being viewed.
  3. Recording Controls:
  • Record icon (Record Button): Start / stop manual recording.
  • Snapshot icon (Snapshot Button): Takes a snapshot from the camera. To view snapshots click the Folder icon (Folder Button) > Snapshot Folder.
  • Folder icon (Folder Button): Opens the recording folder or snapshot folder.
  1. Display Area: Shows the video from the camera.
  • Click to select a camera and scroll up / down to zoom in / out. When zoomed in, click and drag the camera image to pan locations.
  • Double-click to open the image in full-screen. Double-click again to exit full-screen.
  • Right-click to open the display sub-menu.
  1. Split-screen Controls: Allow you to change the camera Live View display configuration.
  • Single Camera icon (Single Camera View Button): Shows one camera on the screen.
  • Four Camera icon (Four Camera View Button): Shows four cameras on the screen.
  • Six Camera icon (Six Camera View Button): Shows six cameras on the screen.
  • Full Screen icon (Full Screen Button): Opens the current display in full screen. Press Esc to exit full-screen.

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