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Lorex netHD / netHD Stratus Client Software: Tagging video through Quick Playback

You can add tags to video to mark key events. Tags created through Quick Playback are also saved in the NVR, so you can search for them using the NVR menus. To add tags, you must first access Quick Playback mode.

The following instructions require you to access your system using the Lorex netHD / netHD Stratus Client software and a PC / Mac.

To access Quick Playback Mode:

  1. Launch Lorex netHD / netHD Stratus Client software on your computer.
  2. Click the Control Panel tab, and then click Main View.
  3. In the Main View, click the camera you would like to playback and hold the mouse over the camera to open the Camera Toolbar.
  4. Click the Quick Playback icon (Quick Playback Icon) to open Quick Playback mode.

Once you have accessed Quick Playback mode, you can add tags.

To tag video through Quick Playback:

  • During Playback, click the Add Default Tag icon (Add Default Tag Icon) to add a default tag.


  • Click the Add Custom Tag icon (Add Custom Tag) to add a custom tag.

  • Enter the tag name and click Yes to save.

You can also download tagged videos. Click here for information on how to download videos using the Remote Playback menu.

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