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What transformer should I use with my Wired Video Doorbell?

The 4K, 2K and 1080p Wired Video Doorbells require a constant power supply with a voltage between 16V-24V AC. Most older homes only have 10V transformers which do not provide enough voltage and will not allow for the 4K, 2K and 1080p Video Doorbell to function properly. To get enough power for your 4K, 2K or 1080p Video Doorbell you might need to upgrade your existing transformer.

Where can you find your existing doorbell transformer?

Existing doorbell transformers are typically found in the basement or near an electrical panel.

Top places to look for your existing doorbell transformer:

  1. Near the main electrical panel
  2. Basement
  3. Garage
  4. Attic
  5. Near furnace or in the furnace room
  6. Utility room
  7. Crawl space

How can you tell if your existing transformer has enough power for the 2K Video or 1080p doorbell?

You will need to visually inspect the transformer for a voltage rating or you will need to measure the voltage.

To visually inspect your transformer’s voltage, look for the rating inscribed on it. If the transformer says it is 10V it is not compatible. If the transformer says 16V-24V AC, then it is compatible with the 4K, 2K or 1080p Video Doorbell. Below is an example of what a non-compatible transformer looks like and two options for compatible transformers if you end up replacing your existing doorbell transformer.

10V transformer

10V – Non-compatible doorbell transformer

16V - 24V transformers

16V-30VA and 24V-40VA - Compatible doorbell transformers

To measure your transformer’s voltage use a multi-meter. If you unscrew your old doorbell you will see that there are two wires running to it and two terminals. You can take a multi-meter and measure the voltage across the two terminals. If it reads in the range of 16V-24V AC, then you have enough power for your 2K or 1080p Video Doorbell.

Once you have the appropriate transformer and required voltage you can install your video doorbells!

For more information on how to install the 4K, 2K or 1080p Video Doorbell, see below.

4K doorbell:

2K doorbell:

1080p doorbell:

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