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LNK / LHA / LHB / L222 Series - How to manually upgrade the firmware of your recorder

NOTE: The instruction laid out in this article is applicable to the following recorders:

  • LNK
  • LHA
  • LHB
  • L222

You can upgrade the firmware of your recorder in two different ways:

  1. Automatically over a network, connected by an Ethernet cable (included). Click here for information on how to automatically upgrade firmware.

  2. Manually by downloading the firmware into your computer and uploading it using a USB flash drive onto your recorder.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use automatic upgrade unless directed by technical support to perform a manual upgrade. Technical support will provide you with a .bin file for manual firmware upgrade. Do not power off the DVR during a firmware upgrade.


  • Ensure your DVR system is connected to a network using the included Ethernet cable.
  • Save the .bin file in the root folder of a USB flash drive (not included)‎,‎ and connect the USB flash drive to a USB port on your DVR.

To manually upgrade the DVR firmware

For this procedure, you need (1) the latest firmware for your recorder, (2) a formatted and empty USB flash drive, (3) access to a computer with internet connection, and (4) a valid email address.

  1. To upgrade your recorder to the latest firmware, call our Technical Support at 1-888-425-6739 and request for your recorder's latest firmware. When calling, make sure you have your recorder's the correct model number and a valid email address at hand. We will send the firmware download link via email. NOTE: The download link will expire in a specified period of time.

  2. Next, format your empty USB flash drive using your recorder. IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you format your USB flash drive using your recorder.

  3. Once you have successfully formatted your USB flash drive, remove it and insert it into your computer's USB port and download the firmware we sent via email.

  4. Verify that you have the correct firmware, then remove the USB flash drive from your computer, and insert it back into one of the USB ports on your recorder.

  5. In the taskbar, click the Main Menu icon (home icon), and then click Advanced > Maintenance.

    LHB_Maintenance tab_manual firmware upgrade

  6. In the Maintenance tab, click Firmware Upgrade.

  7. Select the .bin file, and then click OK.

    Firmware Upgrade

  8. Click OK on the confirmation window.

  9. Allow 5-10 minutes for the system to upgrade. The DVR will automatically restart when the firmware upgrade is complete.

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