LHB Series: Configuring display settings

Different monitors can support different image / video resolutions. If your image appears pixelated or cut off, you may need to modify your LHB Series DVR display resolution.

REMINDER: The maximum supported output resolutions for LHB Series DVRs are:

  • Up to 1080p resolution using a VGA cable (not included)‎.
  • Up to 4K resolution using the included High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable (4K monitor or TV required — 8/16-channel recorders only. 4-channel recorders support a maximum of 1080p output resolution)‎.

The following instructions require you to access your system using your DVR and a monitor.

To change display resolution:

  1. In the taskbar, click the Main Menu icon (home icon), and then click Settings > Display.

    LHB resolution

  2. In the VGA/HDMI drop-down, select the resolution of your monitor or TV.

  3. If the DVR display is cropped,‎ check the Support Overscan checkbox to optimize your display. This is usually seen in older Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)‎ monitors.

  4. Click Save to save the settings.

  5. Click OK.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your display, you may want to restore default settings. Click here for instructions on how to restore default display settings.