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Ensuring accurate person and vehicle detection

The following are important camera installation notes to ensure accurate Person/Vehicle detection on compatible security systems. For your specific camera’s mounting instructions, search for your camera model number at

  1. Angle the camera so that objects of interest appear in the bottom ⅔ of the camera image.

  2. Choose a location where objects of interest will be no further than 50ft (-15m) from the camera.

Figure 1

a Lower accuracy for objects further away than 50ft (~15m) and/or in the top ⅓ of the image.

b Optimal accuracy for objects within 50ft (~15m) and in the bottom ⅔ of the image.

  1. Angle the camera between 30~60° down from the level position.

  2. Install the camera between 8-16ft (2.5-5m) off of the ground.

Figure 2

NOTE: Accuracy of person and vehicle detection will be influenced by multiple factors, such as the object’s distance from the camera, the size of the object, and the height and angle of the camera. Night vision will also impact the accuracy of detection.

Additional Installation Tips:

  • Point the camera where there is the least amount of obstructions (e.g., tree branches).
  • Install the camera where vandals cannot easily reach.
  • Secure cabling so that it is not exposed or easily cut.
  • This camera is rated for outdoor use. Installation in a sheltered location is recommended.

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