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Wi-Fi Security Camera - How to troubleshoot offline status

In some cases, your device may appear offline on the Lorex App but still display a solid green LED light on the camera. If this has happened to you, here are some proven ways to reconnect your device to the Lorex App.

This guide applies to the following products: W281AA, W282CA, W261AS, W261AQ, and LNWDB1.

NOTE: If your device is disconnected from power or the internet, it will appear offline on the Lorex App.

1. Check if your device is connected to power.

First, check the physical condition of your device and make sure it’s able to receive power:

  • Check the physical condition of your device. Unplug and remove the device from its mount (if it’s mounted) and place it on a flat and stable surface (we recommend a table) and check if there are obvious signs of damage to the housing.

  • Check the physical condition of the supplied cord and the adapter. Check the power cord and make sure you are able to properly connect one end to the camera and the other end to the supplied adapter. Make sure the cord has no visible cut marks.

  • Bring everything together and plug your device. Connect the cord to the camera and the adapter and plug it in. Wait for the green LED at the top of the lens to turn solid before connecting the device to the Lorex App.

WARNING: Do not tinker or disassemble your camera. It will void the warranty. Call Lorex Support right away if your camera appears to be broken.

2. Check if you have an internet connection; reboot or restart your router/modem if needed.

Next, check your internet connection. This can easily be done by personally checking your router and other connected devices.

If you notice one or more of your IoT devices are not connected to the internet, it may be best to restart or reboot your router. Disconnect your router from power and wait for at least 10 minutes before plugging it again.

All your connected devices should automatically establish a connection with your router once it up and running.

3. Reconnect your device to the Lorex App.

Once you have powered on your device and restarted your router, you can reconnect your device to the Lorex App.

To reconnect to the Lorex App, launch the Lorex App app > tap Settings > Wireless Network > then follow your device’s on-screen connection guide.

If your camera still appears offline, please call Lorex Support.

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