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Lorex App - What is notification frequency?

Notification frequency is the amount of notifications that you receive within a specific timeframe. You will receive a notification on your phone whenever motion is detected from your Lorex devices. The Lorex App app by default limits the amount of duplicate notifications you receive to reduce daily disruptions from the app.

Note: Make sure notifications and motion detection are enabled to receive notifications.

If there is constant movement in front of my device, how often will I receive notifications?

You will receive notifications based on a predetermined timeframe of one minute. If motion is occurring multiple times within this timeframe, you will only receive one notification every minute.

How does notification frequency affect the Events page?

To avoid nonstop notifications and overwhelming the Events page, only the motion events that create a push notification can be seen in the Events page.

You can see all the device recordings by going to the channel's Timeline.

How can I see all my motion detection recordings?

You can see all the motion detection recordings for a device in the Lorex App app, but you will not be notified of every recording.

To view all the recordings for a channel, see the article Lorex App - How to view all motion detection recordings?

Can I change the timeframe for the frequency of notifications?

No, the timeframe is predetermined so you can't configure it in the app.

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