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DVR / NVR - Which Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is Compatible with Lorex Recorders?

The following article details which type of hard disk drive (HDD) is compatible with Lorex recorders.

Hard disk drive

There are different hard disk drives available in the market; there are general drives which are typically used for computers and then there are drives marketed for various purposes such as network attached storage (NAS) or for computer servers. While these are all hard disk drives, they are not suitable for use with Lorex recorders as they are not optimized for the requirements of 24/7 multi-channel video recording.

Lorex tests and certifies every HDD for compatibility with your recorder and Lorex only uses surveillance grade hard disk drives. Surveillance grade HDDs are designed for surveillance security systems to deliver quality video playback, efficient performance, and are optimized to work 24/7 with multiple channels of video.

Your recorder typically comes with a pre-installed 3.5" SATA hard disk drive (HDD). Select recorders come with a 2.5" SATA HDD pre-installed. Before replacing the HDD, refer to the recorder's specification sheet for the maximum HDD capacity. Also, check the size of your recorder's HDD. The size can be found on the HDD itself.

The following is an example of where to find the HDD size on a Western Digital (WD) HDD:

WD 3.5

Why surveillance grade HDDs?

Surveillance grade HDDs ensure data protection, storage integrity, and reliability through 24/7 multiple video recording.


Surveillance grade HDDs are specifically made to record large amounts of video data and withstand the continuous workload that is demanded from security systems. Surveillance HDDs reduce the chances of crashes or data corruption.


We understand that your video data is precious and reliability is key to long-lasting protection for both. Surveillance HDDs work with a variety of security systems and have a high capacity to support multiple camera streams or channels.


Security grade HDDs can range in capacity from 1TB to 10+TBs. With a wide variety of HDD capacities there are many options to increase your DVR or NVR storage.

Tip: Remember when replacing your HDD, check your recorder's specifications for the maximum HDD capacity and size.

Surveillance grade HDDs include the WD purple series and the Seagate Skyhawk series. To purchase, visit Lorex’s Security Grade Storage solutions.

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