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Wi-Fi Security Camera - Basic Device Settings

This article applies to the following products: W281AA, W282CA, W261AS, and W261AQ.

Wi-Fi Security Camera - Basic Information

This screen allows you to change the device password, set channel name, change thumbnail photo, and view device ID.

Basic Information

  1. Device Photo: Tap to choose a thumbnail image for your Lorex device. By default, the thumbnail will be automatically generated using the most recent live image.

  2. Device Name: Tap to change the name of your device.

  3. Channel Name: Tap to change channel name.

  4. Device Model: Displays your product's Device Model.

  5. Device ID: Displays your product’s Device ID.

  6. Device Label: Tap to display your device QR code.

  7. Device Password: Tap to change the password for your device. For full instructions, see Changing Device Password.
    Note: Changing the device password using the Lorex App will also change the password used to access the device locally.

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