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L4248 Series & U424AA - 2K Wire-Free Camera and 2K NVR & Wire-Free Camera system : Troubleshooting

The following are some of the most common issues and troubleshooting tips for your Lorex 2K Wire-Free Camera (U424AA), and 2K NVR & Wire-Free Camera system (L4248 Series).

Picture from camera is dropping

  • Move the camera closer to the recorder.
  • Try repositioning the camera, recorder, or both to improve the reception.

Camera is not detecting motion

  • Your camera may be too far away from the area of interest. Try to keep the camera within 20ft (6.1m) of the area you want to monitor.
  • Ensure your camera is installed in an optimal location and motion detection is properly configured. For full instructions on how to set Motion Detection settings, see Configuring Motion Detection.

Picture is too bright

  • Ensure your camera isn’t pointed directly at a source of light (e.g., sun or spot light).
  • Move your camera to a different location.

Night vision is not working

The night vision activates when light levels drop. The area may have too much light.

Picture is not clear

  • Check the camera lens for dirt, dust, spiderwebs. Clean the lens with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Too much environmental interference will affect picture clarity. Move your camera to a different location.

Bright spot in video when viewing at night

Night vision reflects when pointing a camera through a window. Move the camera to a different location.

Picture has become choppy

  • Ensure the camera resolution is set to 720p.
  • Move the camera closer to the recorder.
  • Remove obstructions between the recorder and camera. Materials such as brick, concrete and wood can significantly impact the wireless signal strength.

System is not receiving power, or is not powering up

  • Confirm that all cables are firmly connected to the recorder.
  • Confirm that the power adapter is securely connected to the back of the unit.
  • Confirm that the system is powered on (LED indicators on the front should be ON).
  • If the unit is connected through a power bar or surge protector, try bypassing the bar and connecting the power directly to the wall outlet.
  • Confirm that there is power at the outlet:
  • Connect the power cable to another outlet.
  • Test the outlet with another device (such as a lamp or phone charger).

There is no picture on monitor/TV after connecting it to the recorder

  • Power off the monitor/TV and the recorder. Power on the monitor/TV, and then power on the recorder.
  • Ensure that the monitor/TV is set to the input channel that the recorder is connected to.
  • Check the video cable connection to the recorder and the monitor/TV.

Mouse not detected by system

  • Remove then firmly reconnect the mouse cable to one of the USB ports marked Mouse / Backup.
  • Power off the system (disconnect power cable). Firmly connect a USB mouse to one of the USB ports. Reconnect the power cable to the 12V DC port on the rear panel.

The edges of the recorder’s on-screen display are cut off

If you are using an older Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, you may need to enable overscan.

The image on one or more of my cameras is distorted or discolored

  • The system uses the region entered in the setup wizard to intelligently determine the video format for your region.
  • To change the region, enter the main menu. Under System, click General, then click the Date and Time tab. Use the dropdown next to Time Zone to select the correct region, then click Save. The system takes some time to refresh and reboot.

The camera beeps during motion detection

  1. Click main menu icon on the bottom-right corner of the taskbar.

  2. Click Setup, then click System.

  3. Click Alarm tab.

  4. Use the dropdown next to Buzzer to select Disable for any channels you want to disable the buzzer for, then click Save.

I am not receiving email notifications

  • Ensure you have configured email notification.
  • If you want to use your own SMTP server, you must enter your SMTP server address, SMTP port, username, and password in the appropriate fields.

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