Lorex Home app - Events

Events are automatically saved in the Lorex Home app in the Events page when a Smart Motion Detection event is detected.

How many days of events can I access?

You can access up to 3 days of device events from the Events page. To view all recordings stored on your device, navigate to the device, and then to the Timeline.

For more detailed instructions on viewing all motion detection recordings, see Lorex Home app - How to view all motion detection recordings.

Why can't I see thumbnails for my events or notifications?

If you are unable to see thumbnails for events or notifications, you may have exceeded the daily limit. Lorex Home allows you to process 120* thumbnails per device each day. Once this device surpasses 120 events per day, you will still be able to see events, but you will be no longer receive thumbnails for the remainder of the day.

*The number of thumbnails processed per day is subject to change at Lorex's discretion

Can I apply filters on the Events page?

Yes! You can filter events by time of day or event type.

To filter events:

  1. From the Devices screen, tap Events and then select a device.
  2. Tap Filter icon.

How can I save an event?

  1. Go to the Events page, select a device, and then select an event.
  2. Tap the Recording icon where you would like your recording to start and tap again when you'd like the recording to end.

Where is the manually recorded event stored?

  1. Tap Settings tab.
  2. Tap Manual Recording & Snapshots.

For more instructions on Manual Recording & Snapshots, see Manual Recording & Snapshots.