Beta Test the Lorex Home App on iOS

Thank you for your interest in the Lorex Home Beta Program. Let's test!

If you have an Android phone, see the article Beta Test the Lorex Home App on Android.

Before you start

The Lorex Home Beta app is a newer and more experimental version of the Lorex Home app that is available to the public. Your feedback is important to improve the Lorex Home app.

Here are some ground rules:

  • Participants will have access to unreleased versions of the Lorex Home app with experimental features. Beta apps have a small chance of being unstable and crashing, however this feedback will help us fix the issue and address it before a public release.
  • Participants can choose to opt-out and stop participating in the program at any time.
  • Participants are volunteering to join the program and will not be compensated.
  • Participants may be removed from the program at any time.
  • Lorex may choose to end the Beta Program at any time.

How to install Lorex Home Beta for iOS

After receiving the emailed invitation, please follow the steps below to install and use the Lorex Home Beta app.

  1. Download and install the TestFlight app.
  2. Open the Lorex Apps Beta invitation on your iOS phone and tap the Yes, I’m in! button at the bottom.
  3. Tap the Start Testing button.
  4. If required, sign in with your Apple ID.
  5. Tap Accept.
  6. Download the Lorex Home Beta app.

TestFlight is where you will be able to see new versions of the Lorex Home app to try out as well as a list of new features.

Submitting feedback

Beta participant feedback is important to help us improve future app releases. Lorex is looking forward to all bug reports and user feedback. We want to hear from you about any issues you may have encountered such as crashes, connectivity errors, error messages, and etc. Please follow these steps to provide your feedback to us:

  1. Open TestFlight.
  2. Tap the Lorex Home app (do not tap “Open").
  3. Tap Send Beta Feedback.
  4. You can choose to include screenshots or not.

The more information we are provided, the better we can address the issue. Screenshots are always helpful!

Opt-out of testing

Participants can opt-out of testing by tapping Stop Testing in TestFlight under the Lorex Home app.

If you wish to revert back to the officially released app, you can always uninstall the Beta version and install the production version from the App Store.