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B862AJ Series - 4K Wired Video Doorbell: How to Use Wedges to Angle Your Doorbell

This article will describe how the optional Horizontal or Vertical Wedge, used with your Mounting Bracket, can improve your video doorbell's perspective in certain scenarios.

What are angled wedges?

An angled wedge is an optional accessory for your Lorex 4K Wired Video Doorbell. It is used to tilt or angle your video doorbell to get a better view and capture exactly what you want to see at your front door. Typical scenarios where angled wedges are used include compensating for uneven installation surfaces, addressing obstructions or elevation differences, and focusing your video doorbell on a specific monitoring area. Simply select the wedge that aligns with your specific requirements and attach it to the rear of the Mounting Bracket.

Lorex's angled wedges come in two variations:

15° Horizontal Wedge: This type of wedge enables lateral adjustments, allowing you to tilt your camera 15° to the right or left.

5° Vertical Wedge: This type of wedge enables adjustments in a 5° up or down direction.

Choosing the right angle

Various scenarios may call for using a Horizontal or Vertical Wedge with your video doorbell installation to achieve the best viewing angle:

  • Elevation Differences: If your video doorbell is installed at a higher or lower elevation compared to the area you want to monitor, the Vertical Wedge can adjust the angle to capture the desired view.
  • Specific Point of Interest: A Vertical Wedge is ideal when you need to monitor a specific spot, such as a stairway or a particular portion of your porch.
  • Uneven Surface: If your video doorbell is mounted on an uneven surface (i.e. siding, irregular shaped doorframe, uneven wooden surface, and so on) a Horizontal Wedge can help level it, providing a straighter view.
  • Obstructions: When obstacles like walls, corners, pillars, or trees block your video doorbell's view, angling it using a Horizontal Wedge can bypass these obstructions and get a clearer perspective.

Installing an angled wedge

Make the decision about installing a wedge before mounting your video doorbell. The angled wedge attaches to the mounting bracket before mounting the video doorbell to the surface.

To get full installation instructions for your Lorex 4K Wired Video Doorbell, which also covers attaching an angled wedge, please refer to the article "B862AJ Series - 4K Wired Video Doorbell: Installation".

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