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ACR-U11W-E - 1,000 ft Cat6 CMR/FT4 UTP Communication Cable: Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ article answers common questions about the ACR-U11W-E 1,000 ft Cat6 CMR/FT4 UTP Communication Cable.

How do I know how much cable is left in the box after use?

Every 2 ft there is a marking which indicates the remaining cable length in the box. Once part of the cable has been cut, the next marking will indicate the amount of remaining cable.

Where can this cable be installed?

This cable is designed for indoor installation only and should not be used outdoors or buried underground.

Is the cable ready for use out of the package?

The cable is not ready for immediate use upon opening. It requires cutting to size and crimping with RJ45 connectors before it can be connected to an external device. Please note that RJ45 connectors are not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

What are the temperatures that the cable will work at?

-40 °F to 167 °F / -40 °C to 75 °C

What are the temperatures in which the cable can be installed?

-4 °F to 122 °F / -20 °C to 50 °C

What are the electrical characteristics of this cable?

  • Impedance (Ω): 100 ± 15
  • Delay Shew (ns / 100m): ≤ 45
  • NVP: 69 %
  • Capacitance (nF / 100 m) max: 5.6
  • DC Resistance (Ω / 100 m) max: 9.5
  • DC Conductor Resistance Unbalance (%) max: 5.0

What are the dimensions of the package?

The package dimensions are (Width × Depth × Height) 15.75 × 15.75 × 8.66” / 400 × 400 × 220 mm.

What is the weight of the package?

The weight of the package is 30.86 lb / 14 kg.

What is the cable made of?

The cable is made up of various components that consist of the following materials: the center conductor is made of solid bare copper, the insulation is made of HDPE, the rip-cord is made of nylon, the seperator is made of PE, and the outer jacket is made of CMR/FT4 ETL PVC.

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