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IR Cameras: Video displaying in black and white

Infrared (IR) cameras have a sensor that measures the ambient light. This determines when to switch the camera between color recording and IR / night vision recording. If there is not enough ambient light hitting the sensor, the camera will record in IR / night vision mode. A cooler colored ambient light may also prevent the infrared (IR) cut filter from engaging, which can cause the camera to display in black and white.

Color Image vs Black and White Image

Inadequate light or power may cause the camera to record in black and white.

To ensure the camera displays in color:

  • Evaluate the lighting condition. If the camera is in shade or a dark area it may be displaying in night vision mode. Adjust the sun shade and re-position the camera into different or brighter lighting.Camera SunshadeCamera Light Sensor

  • The camera may be recording in night vision if it is not receiving enough power. To test the power:

    • Unmount the camera and place it in the location of a functional camera, if the camera image resumes color display, the power source (e.g., Ethernet or DC power cable) may have been the cause. Try using a different Ethernet cable.
    • If using a DC power cable, connect to a different, functional power outlet. Surge protectors or power adapters may be overtaxed and not provide enough power.
    • Ensure that the cable length is within range requirements. The maximum length of IP cables is 100 meters in a single run.

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