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Error Message: Wireless camera Out of Range

If your wireless camera is showing an Out of Range error message, the issue may be caused by your camera not receiving enough power, the distance between your router and cameras, or other physical barriers causing signal interference.

Try the following tips to ensure your camera remains within range and connected:

  • Ensure the camera is in range of the receiver. Refer to your product specifications sheet for details. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.
  • Ensure that your router and the cameras are a minimum of 24" (60cm) apart. It is recommended the router and the cameras remain 10ft (3m) apart after setup.
  • Pair the camera with the DVR / NVR again. Refer to your user manual for mode specific instructions on how to pair your camera. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.
  • Pair the camera with the monitor again. This may create a stronger connection between the monitor and the camera. Click here for information on pairing the camera with the monitor.
  • Ensure that your wireless cameras are not experiencing wireless signal interference. Click here for instructions on how to troubleshoot signal interference.
  • Use a wireless range extender to increase the range available for your camera or receiver. Click here for more information on extending your wireless range.
  • Ensure that the camera is powered on and receiving power.
    • Cover the lens of the camera and listen for an audible click, or watch for the red LEDs on the front of the camera to turn on.
    • If the LEDs do not turn on check that the camera is securely connected to the power adapter, and that the power adapter is connected to a functional power outlet.
    • If the camera is connected to a surge protector, try connecting directly to a power outlet. Surge protectors may be overtaxed and not provide sufficient power.

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