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Wireless Home Monitor: Skype not answering calls or showing cameras

Some Wireless Home Monitors can be connected to Skype to answer calls or view cameras. Before troubleshooting, refer to your user manual to ensure that your monitor is compatible with Skype. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

If your Wireless Home Monitor is compatible, ensure you have properly connected your monitor to Skype. Click here for details on how to connect remotely to Skype.

You may be encountering one of the following issues while trying to answer calls or view cameras:

  • The monitor is not recording when accessed remotely
  • Skype is only displaying one channel
  • Skype is not allowing video playback
  • The monitor’s driver will not install during setup
  • Your PC / Mac will not answer Skype calls
  • The monitor losses connection
  • There is no video feed when viewing remotely

If the monitor is not recording, only able to view one channel at a time, or unable to display playback:

  • Skype can only call one camera at a time. When the monitor is connected to Skype, the monitor is recognized as a webcam.
  • While the monitor is connected remotely through Skype, recording, multiple channel view, and video playback are disabled.

If the camera drivers for the Wireless Home Monitor do not install properly:

  • Your PC / Mac may already have an active camera driver installed on it.

If your PC / Mac is connected to the monitor but will not answer Skype calls:

  • Ensure that the correct Skype accounts are set up for remote viewing. Remote access via Skype requires two Skype accounts:
    • One on the PC / Mac that the monitor is connected to
    • Another to call from remotely.
    • Click here for more information on using Skype to view the Wireless Home Monitor remotely.
  • Ensure that the computer connected to the monitor is on and logged in. If the computer is in Sleep Mode it will not be able to answer Skype calls.
  • Ensure that the Skype account for the Wireless Home Monitor is set up to automatically accept calls from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Ensure that the cable from the monitor to the computer is connected and secure.

If your PC / Mac is no longer able to connect to the monitor:

  • Ensure that the computer is powered on, logged in and connected to the Internet.

  • Ensure that the cable from the monitor to the computer is still connected.

  • Restart the monitor and computer to refresh the connection.

  • Restart Skype and ensure that the correct account is logged in.

  • Ensure that the monitor is in single view with channel 1.

  • If the call is active but there is no video on the screen, check if the wireless monitor shows an image and does not have black screen or says Out of Range.

    REMINDER: Click here if the camera is within range of the receiver and the Out of Range error message appears.

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