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Port Forwarding: Issues connecting

If your port forwarding is not functioning, check for the following common causes:

Your DVR / NVR IP address has changed
Port forwarding issues related to your DVR / NVR may be caused by the IP address unexpectedly changing due to a network issue or power loss. If your DHCP reservation or static IP address was not initially set up correctly, a power loss can cause your DVR / NVR to be assigned a new IP address and void the configured port forwarding rules. To resolve this issue, ensure your DVR / NVR IP address matches the port forwarding rules configured in your router.

Your ports are blocked by your Internet service provider (ISP)
Certain Internet service providers block port 80. To resolve this issue, contact your ISP request that they open port 80. You can also change the port on your DVR / NVR. Refer to your user manual for model specific instructions on how to change port settings. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

You are using multiple routers
If you are using more than one router to connect your DVR / NVR systems, ensure each router is individually configured for port forwarding.

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