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FLIR Secure Web Portal: Formatting the SD card

You can use the FLIR Secure web portal to format your HD WiFi camera microSD card.


To format your microSD card using the FLIR Secure web portal:

IMPORTANT:This will permanently erase any data on the card. This step cannot be undone.

  1. Go to

  2. Click SIGN IN.

  3. Ensure that your camera is online and streaming live video.

  4. On the Live Viewing page, click the Gear icon (lorex secure gear icon) next to your camera.

  5. In the camera settings menu, click the General tab.

  6. Click Clear SD Card.

    FLIR Secure web portal: Format SD Card

  7. Click Format.

Formatting your microSD card using the Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure app

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