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N Series NVRs: Configuring person & vehicle detection

Set preferences for person and vehicle detection using compatible Lorex IP cameras. For a complete list of compatible cameras, navigate to your recorder series at

  1. In live view, right-click and click Main Menu. If prompted, log in using the system user name (default: admin) and password.
  2. Click Settings Icon, then select EVENT. Select the SMD/Deterrence or Deterrence tab.
  3. Configure the following:

Deterrence Settings

a Select the channel of a connected camera with person and vehicle detection.

NOTE: For N861 & N881 Series only, check Enable next to Smart Motion Detection.

b Check Enable next to Person and/or Vehicle.

c Click Set next to Area to set active areas for person and/or vehicle detection. See Figure 1 below for details.

d Click Set next to Schedule to set a weekly schedule for person and/or vehicle detection. See Figure 2 below for details.

e Set preferences for the warning light and siren.

f Click OK.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Detection Area

  • Click Add to set an area for person or vehicle detection on the selected channel. Click-and-drag the corners to resize the area.
  • For most accurate results, set an area where objects of interest will move within the bounding box as well as into / out of.
  • Check Light next to a rule to flash the camera’s warning light when an object is detected.
  • See your camera’s documentation for optimal camera positioning for person and vehicle detection.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Schedule

  • The default schedule, shown in Figure 2, is active during the night, between 5pm and 7am.
  • Click Set to change the schedule for the corresponding day of the week.
  • Click OK when finished.

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