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Locking Your Lorex Cloud App

If you would like to put a lock on your Lorex Cloud app, follow these steps to secure your app.

NOTE: The following instructions are shown using an iOS (Apple) smartphone. There may be some differences in the user interface when using an Android smartphone or tablet.

To turn on the User Code:

1 Launch the Lorex Cloud app on your smartphone or tablet.

2 Tap the settings button Settings icon on the top left corner.

3 Go to the Local Config tab.

Local Config tab

4 Tap User Code.

User Code Settings

5 Turn on User Code.

User Code On

6 Enter a 4-digit code.

Please enter your user code

7 Re-enter the 4-digit code to confirm.

Your User Code is now activated to access the Lorex Cloud app.

To turn off the User Code:

Follow the steps above from 1-4.

  1. Tap off User Code.

  2. Enter your 4-digit code to confirm.

If you forget the user code to your Lorex Cloud app, you will need to delete and then re-install the app.

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