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U424AA - 2K Wire-Free Camera : Troubleshooting

The following are some of the most common issues and troubleshooting tips for the 2K Wire-Free Camera (U424AA).

Camera is not pairing with the recorder

This issue can be resolved with the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that your camera is compatible with the recorder. Visit lorex.com/compatibility, for more information.
  • Make sure the wire-free camera battery pack is fully charged and inserted in the camera base. Refer to the product documentation, for more details.
  • Make sure your wire-free recorder and camera are powered ON during the pairing process.
  • Keep your wire-free camera close to the recorder during the pairing process. Do not mount the camera until the pairing is complete.

For full instructions on how to pair 2K Wire-Free Camera with a recorder, see How to connect 2K Wire-Free Camera with Lorex Cirrus app.

The camera battery life is too short

Battery life depends on several factors, such as number of events or notifications, length of the recording, camera location, ambient temperature, and settings on the camera. As a guideline, please see the below scenerios.

  • Installed in busy areas (25 events/day, 10s/event), battery life is estimated at 2-3 months.
  • Installed in typical areas (12 events/day, 10s/event), battery life is estimate at 3-5 months.
  • Installed in quiet areas (4 events/day, 10s/event), battery life is approximately 7-9 months.

To increase battery life:

  • Ensure the camera is not pointing at a high-traffic area. Position the camera so it only captures areas of interest with no high-traffic areas (e.g., a busy sidewalk or roadway) visible in the image.
  • Live video is being viewed too frequently. Viewing live video often will impact battery performance.
  • Disable the Warning Light from the Lorex Cirrus app Live View.
  • Change the Motion Detection Settings to only Person Detection.
  • Reduce the number of Motion Detection Events by setting an Active Zone.
  • Reduce the Motion Detection Sensitivity to a lower setting (1 = lowest).

To learn more about configuring Motion Detection settings in the Lorex Cirrus app, click here.

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