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AP5V2000W-U Power Adapter: Frequently Asked Questions

This article answers frequently asked questions regarding your AP5V2000W-U power adapter.


How do I install my power adapter?

Please refer to the Installation Guide for installation instructions.

How do I weatherproof my USB cable when I use the Cable Converter?

These steps are applicable for U471 & F861 Cameras:

  1. Connect the end of the cable to the female end of the cable converter.

Installing charging port cover

  1. Close the weatherproof cable covers so that the connected cables are protected.

Installing charging port cover

How can I organize my USB power cable?

You can use the provided cable guides to attach your USB power cable to the wall.

Installing cable guides


Is my power adapter waterproof/weatherproof?

The power adapter is not waterproof/weatherproof, but the USB cable and converter are weatherproof when properly installed and used with a battery-powered camera.

How do I determine whether I need to use the cable converter?

If your camera model is U471AA-E, U471AA-E -R, or [F861](), then you need to use the cable converter.

Can I use a different USB cable with the USB power adapter?

We recommend only using the provided USB cable, as we cannot ensure high performance when used with another USB cable.

At what temperatures can my power adapter be used?

The outdoor power adapter operates in temperatures between 14° to 113°F (-10° to +45°C). Lorex's rechargeable camera battery pack will not charge when the temperature drops below 32°F (0°C). The battery pack resumes charging when the temperature is between 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C).

What types of plugs are included with my power adapter?

North American (Type A), European (Type C), UK (Type G), and Australian (Type I) plugs are included with your power adapter.

What cameras are my power adapter compatible with?

Please see your power adapter's Compatibility Chart.

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