LNWDB1 Series - Video Doorbell

Model Numbers: LNWDB1, LNWDB1-EG

Sold From: 2020 - present

Always know who's coming to your door with Lorex's 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. With full 1080p recording, IR night vision, and two-way talk capabilities, this doorbell will add both security and convenience to your home. Best of all, local microSD storage means that you keep your footage private while avoiding recurring monthly cloud storage fees.

Works with Lorex Home Center

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LNWDB1 - Frequently asked questions

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LNWDB1 - How to install the Lorex Doorbell

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LNWDB1 - Lorex Smart Home Security Center feature compatibility

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LNWDB1 - Troubleshooting

The following are the most common issues and solutions you may encounter with the Lorex doorbell.

LNWDB1 & B451AJ - What transformer should I use with the 2K and 1080p Video Doorbells?

The 2K and HD Video Doorbell requires a constant power supply with a voltage between 16V-24V AC.

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Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions

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