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FLIR Secure Web Portal: Enabling sound detection

You can enable sound detection alerts using the FLIR Secure web portal.


To set up sound alerts and recording using the FLIR Secure web portal:

  1. Go to

  2. Click SIGN IN.

  3. Ensure that your camera is online and streaming live video.

  4. On the Live Viewing page, click the Gear icon (lorex secure gear icon) next to your camera.

  5. Click the Detection tab:

    FLIR Secure web portal: Sound Detection Callout

    1. Click to enable / disable your camera's microphone.

      REMINDER: To set up sound detection and recording, your camera's microphone must be enabled first.

    2. Click to enable / disable Sound Detection Recording and click the Sensitivity drop-down menu to select a sensitivity level:

      • Low sensitivity means more sound is required to trigger an event.
      • High sensitivity means less sound is required to trigger an event.
  6. Click SAVE CHANGES when you are finished.

Enable sound detection using the Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure app

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