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FLIR Client 12 Software: Configuring recording settings

Your DVR / NVR system has recording settings that can be configured using the FLIR Client 12 software for PC / Mac. Basic configuration options include recording for specific channels, selecting a stream mode, and enabling pre-recording.


To configure recording settings:

  1. Launch the FLIR Client 12 software on your PC / Mac.

  2. Click Remote Setting in the top-right corner of the window.

  3. Under Settings,‎ click Record to open the Record tab.

    Record Tab

  4. In the Channel drop-down menu, select a channel to set recording parameters for.

  5. In the Stream Mode drop-down menu, configure the recording mode:

    • Select DualStream to record using mainstream recording settings while using the substream for remote viewing.

    • Select MainStream to use mainstream recording only.

      IMPORTANT: You must set the Stream Mode to DualStream in order to play back recordings using the FLIR Secure mobile app. Live viewing will not be affected.

      • Click here to configure Mainstream recording settings using FLIR Client 12 software.
  6. Click the Record switch to enable (icon )‎ or disable (icon )‎ recording.

  7. Click the PreRecord switch to enable (icon )‎ or disable (icon )‎ pre-recording of motion events.

  8. Click Save.

Configure recording settings on your LHA / LNK Series DVR / NVR system.
Configure recording settings on your LHB Series DVR system.

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