N842 Series - 4K NVR with Smart Motion Detection

Model Numbers: N842 Series

Sold From: 2020 - present

Experience 4K security video and the latest in smart innovations with the N842 Series Network Video Record (NVR). As part of the Fusion Collection, it can be paired with a wide range of Wi-Fi devices. This NVR also features Smart Motion Detection, easy smart home compatibility, and a large security-grade hard drive to store your footage on so there are no monthly fees to use your security system. With all this, along with easy remote connectivity to our Lorex Home App, this NVR will provide you with the highest quality video and the most reliable security features to protect your home.

Works with Google Assistant

works with Amazon Alexa

Support Articles


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DVR / NVR - How to format your USB flash drive on your recorder

To make sure you can transfer files to or from your recorder, it is essential that you first format your USB flash drive on the recorder before moving any file.

DVR / NVR - How to manually upgrade the firmware of your recorder

If your recorder is connected to a network, it will automatically receive firmware updates.

DVR / NVR - How to remove and install a new hard drive

The system comes with a pre-installed 3.5" SATA hard drive. You can replace the hard drive with one up to a maximum size of 10TB.
Cabling and Installation

DVR / NVR - How to reset the password of your recorder

If you forget the password of your recorder, you will have to call our Technical Support and request for a temporary password.
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DVR / NVR - How to restore your recorder’s display resolution to factory default

This troubleshooting guide will help you restore your recorder’s display output to factory default so that you can restore your monitor’s live view.
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As part of the Fusion Collection, you can now add your compatible recorder to the Lorex Home app.
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This guide is a convenient way of setting up your Wi-Fi camera with your recorder.
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Fusion Collection - Troubleshooting

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N842 / E892 Series - Face Detection

Face Detection is a smart feature of E892 series camera and N842 recorder. When enabled, Face Detection can detect the faces of persons as they enter the camera's field of view.

N842 / E892 Series - Safeguard

Safeguard is a smart feature of E892 series camera and N842 recorder. When enabled, Safeguard can detect if you left something behind or something is missing.

N842 & N843 / E892 Series - Active View

Lorex Active View™ is a smart feature of E892 series camera and N842/N843 recorder. It actively tracks, follows, and zooms in on a subject the moment it enters the camera's view.

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