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Wi-Fi Security Camera - Lorex App Settings

This article applies to the following products: W281AA, W282CA, W261AS, W482CAD, and W261AQ.

Wi-Fi Security Camera - Device Settings

You can configure settings for your security camera from anywhere using the Lorex App.

Device Settings Overview

From the Devices screen, tap icon to configure device settings.
Note: Device settings differs between products. Your device settings may not include all the settings from the example below.

Device Overview

  1. Basic Information: Tap to change the device password, set device name, change thumbnail photo, or view device ID. For full instructions, see Basic Device Settings.

  2. Firmware: Tap to view the current and latest firmware version.

  3. Notifications: Enable/disable notifications. For full instructions, see Notification Settings.

  4. Motion Detection Settings: Enable/disable motion detection and person/vehicle detection per channel on supporting platforms. For full instructions, see Motion Detection Settings.

  5. Device Storage: Tap to view or format your device storage. For full instructions, see Device Storage.

  6. Local Storage: Tap to change the streaming quality or enable/disable General Record Storage. For full instructions, see Local Storage.

  7. Recording: Tap icon to disable recording. Tap again to enable.

  8. Deterrence Light Brightness:

  • Enable/disable to automatically activate camera's deterrence light whenever motion or person is detected.
  • Adjust the level of brightness for the warning light.
  1. Siren Settings: Enable/disable to automatically activate camera's siren whenever motion is detected.
    Note: The siren is loud and should only be activated if necessary.

  2. Auto Night Vision: Tap icon to disable Auto Night Vision. Tap again to enable.
    Note: Disabling Auto Night Vision will force the camera into color mode. Recommended in low-light conditions.

  3. Object Bounding Box: Tap icon to disable highlighting detected object with a bounding box. Tap again to enable.

  4. Privacy Mode: Tap icon to enable privacy mode. Tap again to disable.

  5. Audio Recording: Enable/disable audio recordings per channel. (audio-enabled cameras required)

  6. Shared Users: Tap to send an invitation to another Lorex App account to access the selected device. For full instructions, see Shared Users.

  7. Wireless Network: Change the Wi-Fi network that is associated with the camera.

  8. Status LED: Tap icon to disable the status LED on the camera. Tap again to enable.

  9. Image Rotation: Tap icon to rotate the camera feed 180°.
    Note: Recommended if you are installing the camera upside down.

  10. Time Zone: Tap to change the time zone or to configure Daylight Savings Time.

  11. Device Info: View the device’s model number, device ID, IP address, and MAC address.

  12. Reboot Device: Reboot your Lorex device remotely. Wait a few minutes before connecting to the device after restarting.

  13. Remove Device: Remove device from Lorex App.
    Note: Removing your device will not affect recordings or snapshots on your mobile device storage.

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