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2K Wired Floodlight: Device Settings

This article provides overview of Device Settings available on the Lorex App. You can configure settings for your 2K Wired Floodlight Camera (W452AS Series) from anywhere using the Lorex App.

Device Settings Overview

From the Devices screen, tap icon above the channel to configure device settings.

Device Overview

  1. Basic Information: Tap to change the device password, set device name, change thumbnail photo, or view device ID. For full instructions, see Basic Device Settings.

  2. Firmware: Tap to view the current and latest firmware version.

  3. Notifications: Enable/disable notifications. For full instructions, see Notification Settings.

  4. Motion Detection Settings: Enable/disable motion detection and person/vehicle detection per channel on supporting platforms. For full instructions, see Motion Detection Settings.

  5. Video Settings: Tap toggle icon icon to enable HDR (High Dynamic Range).
    Note: Enabling HDR optimizes video picture in high-contrast conditions such as under-lit and over-lit areas.
    By default, the video quality is set to High (2K).

  6. Sound Detection Settings: Tap icon to record video and send notifications when sound is detected at or above the preset decibel level. For full instructions on setting Sound Sensitivity, see Configuring Sound Sensitivity.

Note: Sound Sensitivity level is 90dB by default.

  1. Device Storage: Tap to view or format your device storage. For full instructions, see Device Storage.

  2. Local Storage: Tap to change the streaming quality or enable/disable General Record Storage. For full instructions, see Local Storage.

  3. Recording: Tap icon to disable recording. Tap again to enable.

  4. Floodlight Settings: Tap to configure light settings.

  5. Track and Follow: Tap toggle icon icon to enable camera zoom in and follow within the Live View. Tap again to disable.

  6. Siren Settings: Tap to enable/disable the siren when motion is detected.

  7. Auto Night Vision: Tap icon to disable Auto Night Vision. Tap again to enable.
    Note: Disabling Auto Night Vision will force the camera into color mode. Requires ambient lighting.

  8. Quick Responses: Tap to view/test the default quick responses or tap the + icon to add a custom Quick Response.

  9. Object Bounding Box: Tap toggle icon icon to enable a highlight on detected object within a bounding box. Tap again to disable.

  10. Privacy Mode: Tap icon to enable privacy mode. Tap again to disable.

  11. Audio Recording: Enable/disable audio recordings per channel. (audio-enabled cameras required)

  12. Permissions: Tap to send an invitation to another Lorex App account to access the selected device. For full instructions, see Shared Users.

  13. Wireless Network: Change the Wi-Fi network that is associated with the camera.

  14. Status LED: Tap icon to disable the status LED on the camera. Tap again to enable.

  15. Image Rotation: Tap icon to rotate the camera feed 180°.
    Note: Recommended if you are installing the camera upside down.

  16. Time Zone: Tap to change the time zone or to configure Daylight Savings Time. For full instructions on Time Zone, see Configuring Time Zone.

  17. Device Info: View the device’s model number, device ID, IP address, and MAC address.

  18. Remove Device: Remove device from Lorex App.
    Note: Removing your device will not affect recordings or snapshots on your mobile device storage.

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