Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel (8 Wired + 8 Wi-Fi) 2TB NVR System with 4 Smart Security Lighting Bullet Cameras, One 2K Pan-Tilt Camera and One 2K Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

Model Numbers: FN4K2SL-84WB-JP

Continuously record both wired and Wi-Fi cameras with this next level Fusion NVR system from Lorex. Featuring 8 wired channels and 8 Wi-Fi channels, the NVR allows you combine the reliability and performance of wired with the versatility and convenience of our latest Smart Home Wi-Fi cameras.  Included in this bundle is four of our latest 4K IP Security Cameras with the new Smart Security Lighting feature that lets you choose from over 16.7 million colors to add a personal touch when greeting or deterring guests.  It also includes two indoor Wi-Fi cameras, one of which includes a Pan-Tilt lens to help you keep an eye on larger rooms. This leaves your system open to adding up to four more wired 4K IP security cameras of any kind and up to six additional Wi-Fi cameras, including Video Doorbells or Floodlight Cameras, to create a perfectly tailored security ecosystem perfect for your property. All cameras and sensors are easily monitored right from the palm of your hand thanks to the Lorex Home app, which will keep you connected no matter where life takes you.

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